How to See Your Subscribers On YouTube - Step By Step Guide

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How to See Your Subscribers On YouTube - Step By Step Guide

So you also have a YouTube channel. Nice!. Are you curious to know who has subscribed to your channel and who does not? Every YouTuber wants to increase his YouTube channel subscribers and want to know about his subscribers. However, in this guide, I am not going to talking about increasing YouTube subscribers. Our today's post is a step by step guide How to See Your Subscribers On YouTube channel. So, first of all, we will learn to see subscribers list through PC and then from mobile. So, first of all, we will learn to see subscribers list through PC and then from mobile. See your YouTube channel subscribers from Desktop.
How to see your subscribers on YouTube

See your YouTube channel subscribers from Desktop

  1.  First of all, go to your chananel homepage. If you do not know how. Then just go to and search your channel name and click on it.
    See your Youtube Channel
  2.  After that click on your youtube channel icon and then select "Creator Studio."
    Go To Your Youtube Dashboard To see seubscribers
  3.  Now here is your Youtube dashboard. Then from the left-hand side menu just click on Community and then under community Go to Subscribers.
    Select Subscribers to see all
  4. Now you can see the peoples who have subscribed to your youtube channel. You can also toggle between your subscribers according to most recent and most popular from the top right-hand side.
    See Your Subscribers On YouTube
However, please note that you will see only those subscribers who have not make their subscriptions private. Users who made their subscriptions private, will not appear in this list.

How to See Your YouTube Subscribers From Mobile

There is nothing different in this way. What you have to do is, just open google chrome browser on your phone. Then visit your channel like in the previous method.
  • After That, Just click on the three white dots in the top right corner of the screen. (See screenshot to be more clear)
  • Now from the pop menu just choose the Desktop Option. After clicking on the Desktop option, you will see that a desktop version of youtube is opened in your browser. Now follow the same steps as I told you in the desktop method.

Last Words

So, guys, I hope you will like this step by step guide for seeing your subscribers on youtube. Moreover, if you found this article helpful then just comment below and let us know about it. Also, if you know any other method to see youtube subscribers then just let us know in the comment section and share it with others. So, friends, I will meet you in the next upcoming exciting and helpful posts.


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